Dallas based singer/songwriter, Annalisa, expects to release her long-anticipated debut album, The Longing, in early 2019.  The songs are a collection of insightful lyrics wrapped in hauntingly alluring melodies that portray Annalisa's search for hope in the face of loss, growth during adversity, and faith amidst doubt. Her soaring vocals against a backdrop of dreamy, melancholy instrumentation creates a distinct sound of "sad hope," a phrase that accurately represents both her optimistic search for beauty and her commitment to realism. The songs are deeply spiritual but transcend typical classifications due to her honesty in exploring the reality of darkness while striving for the light.  Her voice is an obvious standout, but the more discerning audience will notice pervasive, fresh creativity that informs every aspect of her art, from unconventional harmonies and dynamic tempo changes to the subtlest details of the visual artwork surrounding her brand. This creativity, combined with an innate power of expression, rare vocal talent, and informed musical instincts result in a captivating musical experience.

“Witnessing Annalisa’s live performance is like standing by the ocean or at the top of a mountain; one can only marvel at the splendor of nature’s extreme handiwork.” This is a fitting comparison given how much inspiration she draws from nature and from her deep roots in “The Natural State” of Arkansas. Growing up in the small town of Hampton, Annalisa didn’t realize that talks in the garden with her charismatic father and singing old gospel songs with her mother were cultivating the skills that would place her on highly respected stages all over the world. In 2010, a series of acoustic performances on YouTube generated praise and recognition from Grammy-nominated singer, Matthew Santos, who invited her to perform on his nationwide tour and sing backup vocals on his album, Quickly Disappearing. The contribution of Annalisa’s soulful vocals and melodic ideas was recognized by award winning singer/songwriter Josh Garrels and former DC Talk member Kevin Max who both invited her to perform on their albums, Love & War & The Sea In Between and Starry Eyes Surprise. These opportunities provided Annalisa with valuable experience working alongside some of her generation's most respected singer/songwriters. Their influence, along with inspiration from many other greats including Jeff Buckley, Sade, Coldplay and the memorable female singers of the ‘90s, are on full display in Annalisa's upcoming debut album, The Longing.